Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has given the decision in the favor of Stenographers

         Today(5.10.2011), after postponing Stenographers' Upgradation case for several hearing, The Supreme Court of Pakistan has given the decision in favor of  Stenographers and ordered the concern authorities to implement the orders within one month.
      The case was filled by a Stenographer " Khalid Riaz" (working in the AG Office Peshawar) in 2009-2010. Initially, the said stenographer and his some companions requested the higher authorities to up-gradated the posts of Stenographer as have been done in other departments but unfortunately it was not taken seriously. Meanwhile Khalid Riaz and four other filed a case in Federal Service Tribunal Appeal No 774 To 778(P)-CS/2010. Federal Service Tribunal recommended the up-gradation of Stenographer. However Finance Division had some reservation on FST decision and it filed a CPLA in Supreme court. During this, Establishment Division had suggested the Finance Division,through office Memorandum, to accept the decision of FST by upgrading the post. However the Finance Division was bent upon to drag the Stenographers' Up-gradation issue to The Supreme Court of  Pakistan. 
The Supreme Court of Pakistan establish a Special Bench with was leading by Chief Justice Iftakhar Muhammad  Chaudhary but this case was handed over to another bench "Bench II" lead by Senior Justice of Supreme court.On the first two hearing court was being adjourned continuously. And finally on 5.10.2011 The Supreme Court of Pakistan declare the decision in the favor of Stenographer

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